02 Jul 2022

Five phrases to remove from your CV!

  1. ‘I like working individually and in a team’

    …Or however you have phrased it! This is one of the most common and redundant statements we see on CV’s. Instead, we would love to see examples of where you’ve done some amazing projects alone, or when you and a team have produced something incredible!

  2. ‘I am an honest and hardworking individual’
    How do we know that? Again, give us some examples of when you have worked really hard, or gone above and beyond for your employer.

  3. ‘I am an excellent communicator’
    Let us be the judge of that! We would love to see how you have used your communication skills – are you and expert relationship builder? Are you a sales superstar? Are you amazing at resolving conflict? Give us some evidence!

  4. ‘I have strong attention to detail’
    You would be surprised how often we see this on a CV riddled with typo’s and spelling mistakes! Show us that you have strong attention to detail by presenting an immaculate CV.

  5. ‘Curriculum Vitae’

    We all know what CV stands for!

Beth Haigh,
Recruitment Advisor

027 701 9585